First official PlayStation 4 trailer

Sony has released the very first official PlayStation 4 trailer, which includes some of the stuff we’ve seen at the unveiling event on Feb 20. The trailer includes a lot of gameplay footage from the titles we’ve seen so far, including Killzone, DriveClub, inFamous, and Watch Dogs. The PlayStation 4 will launch this holiday season. Sony is yet to unveil the look of the new console, the official game launch lineup, and other details. Those will likely come at E3 2013.

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  • a good one! Keep up the good job SONY and thanks for 8 Gig RAM instead of 4 😉

  • Woow

  • socialmisfitspaintball

    I hope they make killzone 4 for the ps3 cuz Im sixteen and won’t be able to afford the ps4 for a while but if not oh well just means ill have to work a lil harder 🙂