Composer claims he’s working on PlayStation 4 game

PlayStation 4 Alan wake
According to Finish game composer Ari Pulkkinen’s LinkedIn profile, he’s working on an “unannounced PlayStation 4 game”. Pulkkinen has worked with several Finish developers in his time, including Frozenbyte (Trine 2), and Rovio (Angry Birds). He has also worked on soundtracks for several PlayStation 3 games, according to his profile.

So far we haven’t seen many developers admit to working on the PlayStation 4 console. Some have admitted that they have the dev kits from Sony, and Ari Pulkkinen appears to be the first one to openly confirm working on an actual PS4 game. Finish developer Remedy (Alan Wake) have stated that they’re working on a new “next generation game”, which could be Pulkkinen’s “unannounced project”.

We’ll have to wait and see. Sony is expected to unveil the PlayStation 4 tomorrow in New York.


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