All Sony studios are now working on PS4 games

Sony PS4Sony is betting big on the PlayStation 4, not just in terms of new hardware, but the games as well. The next-gen console will be out this holiday season, and Sony has confirmed that all of its first and second party development studios are working on PlayStation 4 games. Sony Worldwide Studios’ Shuhei Yoshida confirmed in a statement to the press that all of their studios are now on the PS4 bandwagon.

While he didn’t comment on the PS3 situation, it’s clear that the PS4 now has top priority at all Sony studios. Sony only showcased a few first party titles during the PS4 reveal, including Killzone Shadow Fall and a new racing game called Drive Club. So far there are 11 confirmed games coming out on the PlayStation 4.

Which begs the question: has Sony stopped working on new PS3 projects? There are several high-profile PS3 games coming out this year, and some will be coming out on both the PS3 and PS4.

While Sony only showcased a few games at the PS4 unveiling, they are no doubt working on many more. Hopefully we’ll see more at E3 2013.

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  • Srpg2ishere

    It’s good to see support for this console. Hopefully my wallet will be ready on launch day. lol

    • bizzy gie

      Going to have to watch for that crazy price card they might pull again.