All PlayStation 4 games will be available digitally

PS4 downloadsSony briefly spoke about digital downloads during the February 20 event, mentioning features such as background downloading. Now the company has confirmed that all PlayStation 4 games will be available as digital downloads, while some will also be available in retail.

The PS4 also supports different business models, such as free-to-play and subscription-base games. While Sony revealed many of the PS4 specs last week, they didn’t reveal how big the internal hard drive would be. Since PlayStation 4 games will easily weigh in at dozens of GB, even a modestly large hard drive will quickly get filled up.

One of the features Sony talked about in regards to game downloads was an intelligent way of predicting what a player would purchase. The system would monitor what kind of games you play and will predict which games you might purchase in the future. The system will download a game it thinks you might buy, so when you buy it, it’s ready to go. Hopefully this can be turned off in order to save bandwidth.

Sony has more great features when it comes to game downloads: players won’t have to wait for the entire game to download before they start playing. They can play the beginning of the game as the rest is downloaded in the background. The PlayStation 4 even has a special processor to handle background tasks, which frees up system resources for the games.

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  • I’m only getting 2 games at launch but I might add 1 more if Sony has a deal on for new owners of the PS4, day one.
    50% off all PS4 games for a whole week when it launches

    • Srpg2ishere

      I’m still skeptical about getting it so early… I made the mistake of getting a Wii U launch day and ended up only having to download an hour long update, wait till december for tvii, and wait basically a whole nother year just for the major titles and stuff. I will probably end up waiting to see how this all goes. Btw aren’t you from Wii U Daily. You came here, too? XD

      • I’m a fan of the Playstation but I’ll play on any system and I’m actually enjoying my Wii U and like I said I’ll be getting the PS4 at launch

    • Genesect4ssb4

      Now that’s a good deal. My fear is that Sony may make it like 400+$ and with the price so high and the economy so bad, Sony may die off as a gaming company (but they still have their awesome TV department).

      I want the PS4 and Wii U to completely KNOCK OUT Micorsoft’s Xbox720. Then we can have 2 companies face off in the ULTIMATE DEATH BATTLE!

      But Link (Nintendo) beat Cloud (Sony) in Death Battle so all hail Nintendo!]

      Then Sega comes up and releases new consoles and Jet Set Radio 2 and Skies of Arcadia 2. Sega wins

      • Nice try but you really can’t piss me off troll, I actually play games on multiple platforms ^^

        Have a nice day.

        • Genesect4ssb4

          Im not a troll. I like the PS4. I like most consoles, but I will not be able to afford a PS4. I’ll enjoy my Wii U though.

  • Bill Bong

    Downloadable games suck! What if you don’t have an Internet connection? What if you only get 100gig a month of Internet usage (like I do)? Can you add external hard drives? With out the need to make physical copies of game will the game prices be lower that PS3 games? so many questions. Only time will tell the answers.

    • SoulSilverZero

      About 99.9% of gamers have an internet access, If you don’t have internet where you are from, chances are that your are not a gamer.

      • Cerus98

        That’s odd – I never received a phone call, e-mail etc asking me if I had internet access. Oh I see – you’re the atypical internet expert who knows everything about everything. Made up statistics and facts do nothing expect make you look like a jackass. Bill is 100% correct. Many people do not have internet or even access to it. There are far more areas without broadband access then you are apparently smart enough to be aware of. The majority that do have broadband are also subject to some pretty extreme caps on usage.

        For that matter – even if you were correct do you think every single person can afford a connection fast enough to make it worth downloading a game? No.

        Go away troll.

        • SoulSilverZero

          No you go away, troll.
          I was saying that most people with a console tend to have internet.

          If I was trolling, my comment would be like this:

          • Cerus98

            “About 99.9% of gamers have an internet access, If you don’t have internet where you are from, chances are that your are not a gamer.”

            Your words exactly. Note the “gamers” and no mention of consoles. But regardless, my post and point still stand whether you meant gamers or consoles. Broadband is not everywhere. High speed broadband is not everywhere. High speeds are expensive. ISPs have restrictive caps.

            Here’s a example for ya. Even if said consumer has a 50 or 100mb connection and no caps on download it won’t do them any good if the PS4s wireless doesn’t support the latest tech. 100mb connection+wireless N 2.4ghz@20mhz=65mbps connection=about 30mbps possible download speeds. Downloading the massive PS4 games will require a wired connection which defeats the purpose of everything going wireless. That all assumes that the PS4 download speeds aren’t as pathetic as the PS3s wifi or wired.

            So if you somehow manage to download at 100mbps on your PS4 it will still take a bit over an hour to download a 50gig game. At the average 10mbps? Over 11 hours.

            No thanks. I’ll take my physical copies.

  • Retro Cool

    Aside for having all the games available, how much will it cost to download each game? Considering, I still have all my systems and most games I want, but if a game is going to cost a lot, wouldn’t it just be easier and possibly cheaper to find it somewhere else (Gaming Expos, Flea Markets) etc…