Fallout 4 has over 400 hours of gameplay, according to producer

Aug 4th - Fallout 4 is going to be a big, big game.

Batman Arkham Knight gets massive 4.3 GB patch on PS4

Aug 4th - Batman gets updated with Photo Mode and a bunch of other features and fixes.

Homefront: The Revolution gets first gameplay video

Aug 4th - The new Homefront game looks pretty impressive.

PlayStation Now game streaming launches on PS Vita and PS TV

Aug 3rd - PlayStation Now officially launches on the Vita and PlayStation TV consoles.

New third party PS4 controller announced

Aug 3rd - A new third party controller is announced for the PS4.

Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection gets Special Edition

Aug 3rd - Even remasters are getting special edition releases.

Microsoft betting more on first party titles instead of third part exclusives

Aug 2nd - Sony's main rival is now betting more on first party games than third party exclusives.

Star Wars Battlefront getting dog fight game mode

Aug 2nd - Get ready for X-Wings vs TIE Fighter dog fights in Star Wars Battlefront.

Despite its amazing start, the PS4 will never outsell the PS2

Aug 1st - The PS4 is off to an amazing start, but it's got no chance of beating the all time great: the PS2

Sony is aiming for smaller games for PS4 VR headset

Jul 31st - Sony is betting on smaller and more concise virtual reality games.