SteamWorld Heist coming to PS4 and PS Vita next year

Sep 16th - Image & Form Games has announced the next entry in the SteamWorld series.

Now you can have PlayStation 4 branded sneakers

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Killzone developer’s supposed new game leaks via concept art

Sep 16th - Leaked concept art is supposedly for an upcoming PS4 game from Killzone developers.

Alien Isolation video shows it’s a proper survival horror game

Sep 15th - The new Alien game looks like it's going to be a very good one.

Microsoft purchases Minecraft studio, Mojang; PS Vita and PS4 versions unaffected

Sep 15th - Microsoft has officially purchased Mojang for the sum of $2.5 billion.

Destiny’s disappointing reviews show just how overhyped the game was

Sep 14th - Destiny was supposed to be the next big thing.

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Dubai’s ultra-rich can soon buy a golden PlayStation 4

Sep 13th - The ultimate test for Sony fanboys: a $14,000 PS4 console.

Save some space: Driveclub is 17 GB

Sep 12th - Evolution Studios' Rushy has revealed the install size of Driveclub.

Complete PlayStation 4 bundle guide

Sep 12th - PS4Daily's complete guide to all of the PS4 bundles released to date.