Rumored PlayStation 4 Slim pictures emerge

Jan 25th - Could these leaked photos be showing the upcoming PS4 Slim console?

Resident Evil HD Survival Guide [VIDEO]

Jan 24th - Let's talk about how to make your Resident Evil experience less horrifying.

Get huge discounts on indie PS4 games on the PS Store this weekend

Jan 24th - Sony has kicked off a PlayStation Store games flash sale, where 15 PS4 indie titles are up to 80% off.

Kingdom Hearts remakes helped train Square-Enix for Kindom Hearts 3

Jan 24th - While they may be abundant, remasters are helping developers with upcoming projects, as Square-Enix has just shown.

Does DriveClub deserve a second chance?

Jan 23rd - After numerous updates over the past few months, does DriveClub finally deserve a second chance?

Note: 10% PS Store discount is now live

Jan 23rd - The 10% discount code is valid for a one-time purchase and lasts this weekend.

Puzzle game Silence: The Whispered World 2 coming to PS4

Jan 23rd - The PS4 gets another great-looking artsy indie game.

NBA 2K15 offers the most hilarious glitch of 2015 so far

Jan 22nd - Check out this hilarious and absurd NBA 2K15 glitch.

Out of 100 Top selling games in Japan in 2014, PS4 has just 8

Jan 22nd - PlayStation 4 manages to get just 8 games on the list of the top 100 best sellers in Japan in 2014.

Japan gets awesome Bloodborne PS4 bundle

Jan 22nd - Once again, Japanese gamers get access to an awesome new PS4 bundle.