PlayStation 4 secures Sony a profit for once

Jul 31st - The latest quarterly results show the PS4 lifting the rest of the company into profitability.

PlayStation Now Open Beta goes live, all 123 games listed

Jul 31st - PlayStation Now's open Beta has begun, here's the full list of available titles.

Destiny’s level cap explained

Jul 31st - Destiny's level cap has generated a lot of discussion these past few weeks so we thought it was time we cleared some things up.

Teslagrad confirmed to be a Cross-Buy title, coming to PS4 too

Jul 31st - Teslagrad is coming to the PS4 as well as PS Vita and PS3 later this year as a Cross-Buy title.

PlayStation Now begins tomorrow, take a tour with the PlayStation Blog [VIDEO]

Jul 30th - The open Beta for PlayStation Now opens tomorrow and Sony has a tour ready for the masses.

Destiny beta concludes with over 4 million participants

Jul 30th - The beta drew over 4.6 million players across all platforms, making it the biggest beta of the new console generation.

Sony responds to EA Access program announcement

Jul 30th - It looks like Sony passed on the EA Access program which was unveiled yesterday for Xbox One gamers.

PlayStation Plus in August: Road Not Taken and FEZ [UPDATE]

Jul 30th - Sony has unveiled the next lineup of PlayStation Plus games which includes titles like FEZ, Road Not Taken, Metrico, and Dragon's Crown.

PS4 Daily: Remastered is here!

Jul 30th - Sometimes things must change. While we understand change may be hard, it's time that PS4 Daily went through its own change and here we are to tell you about it!

PSN Weekly: Rogue Legacy [VIDEO]

Jul 29th - This week on PSN Weekly, Jessey takes a walk through a dangerous castle in Rogue Legacy on the PS4.