What the PlayStation 4 controller would look like if it had a screen

Oct 25th - Ever wonder what the PS4 controller would look like it it had a touchscreen? Check out this cool concept.

You can now buy full seasons of TV shows on PSN

Oct 25th - You can now purchase full seasons of TV shows on the PlayStation Network.

SharePlay walkthrough shows us the ropes of the PS4’s newest feature

Oct 24th - Sony has created a walkthrough, giving us our first look at SharePlay in action.

Walmart has great PlayStation 4 deals right now

Oct 24th - Not to be outdone by Amazon's recent deals, Walmart now offers lots of savings on PS4 games.

PlayStation 4 2.0 “Masamune” update launching on October 28th

Oct 23rd - The highly anticipated 2.0 update will be released in just 5 days.

A portable PlayStation 4 monitor is great for those on the move

Oct 23rd - New monitor is perfect for your portable PS4 plans.

PlayStation Experience event coming to Vegas in December, tix on sale

Oct 23rd - Sony will host the PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas next month.

Funny yet creepy glitch in The Evil Within [VIDEO]

Oct 23rd - I was smashing some enemies with a spike trap, when this happened..

Sony owns the Bloodborne IP and trademark

Oct 22nd - Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive and will stay that way, because Sony owns the trademark and IP

You can now use your DualShock 4 controller for the Wii U

Oct 22nd - A new adapter lets you use your PlayStation 4 controller with your Wii U.