Metal Gear Solid 5’s micro-transactions: $80 for “Mother Base Coins” in-game currency

Aug 31st - Konami is going all-in when ti comes to Metal Gear Solid 5 micro-transactions.

Oops: The Special Edition Metal Gear Solid PS4 console has a typo

Aug 31st - The slick special edition PS4 console comes with a little typo.

Uncharted 4 is getting lots of DLC and a Season Pass

Aug 31st - Uncharted 4 will be getting the first story DLC in series' history.

PlayStation Store has a cool retro sale right now

Aug 30th - Tons of retro PS4 and PS3 games are discounted on the PS Store right now.

Uncharted Trilogy gameplay from PAX Prime looks great

Aug 30th - The upcoming Uncharted remakes look great on the PS4.

Destiny now requires a massive 60 GB on the PS4

Aug 29th - Destiny is about to become one of the most disk-space requiring PS4 games ever.

First official Hitman PS4 footage revealed, looks impressive

Aug 29th - The new Hitman game looks utterly impressive in the first official video.

Activision: Black Ops 3 beta on PS4 was “the biggest ever”

Aug 28th - The recent Black Ops 3 beta was the biggest beta on the PS4 in history.

PlayStation TV is selling so bad Sony is now offering it for 20 bucks

Aug 28th - Sony is selling its micro-console for just $20 right now.