Amazon has the best PS4 bundle in the world right now

Mar 1st - Still haven't gotten a PS4 yet? You have to see this Amazon bundle.

New Bloodborne boss will give you nightmares

Feb 28th - The newly revealed "Darkbeast" Bloodborne boss is a thing from nightmares

Oops! Sony accidentally deletes list of PS4 20th anniversary winners

Feb 27th - Sony deletes list of winner by accident, contest has to run again from the beginning.

Digital games on PlayStation generate twice the revenue of Xbox

Feb 27th - The PS4 and PS3 accounted for far more digital game sales than the Xbox One and Xbox 360 last month.

Report: gamers choose the PS4 because it’s more powerful

Feb 26th - A new report from Nielsen suggests the PS4 owners picked it over the Xbox One because it's more powerful.

The Order 1886 is too radical for Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

Feb 26th - Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have banned The Order 1886, probably because the female character isn't wearing a veil.

“Spring Fever” brings new PS4 indie games with PS Plus discounts

Feb 26th - The PS4 will get lots of cool new indie games over the next two months.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number hits PS4 on March 10

Feb 25th - Get ready to soak your screen in blood and feel the music, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is coming in two weeks.

Despite poor reviews, The Order 1886 debuts at number 1 in the UK

Feb 25th - Bad reviews or not, The Order 1886 is the top selling game in the UK right now.

Sony assures gamers that free DriveClub PS Plus edition is coming

Feb 25th - The company says that PS Plus members will get the free DriveClub version "as soon as possible".