Why does a tiny 400 MB PS4 game need a massive 200 MB save file?

May 22nd - The save files of small indie games are taking up quite a lot of space.

PS4 was the best selling Japanese console last week

May 22nd - The PS4 beats out all other consoles to take the top spot.

Bloodborne expansion is coming, says Sony

May 21st - Sony's Shuhei Yoshida confirms that a Bloodborne expansion is in the works.

Sony to stream E3 press conference live in movie theaters

May 21st - Watch Sony's E3 press conference in a big movie theater.

Need For Speed coming to PlayStation 4 this Fall

May 21st - EA is bringing a brand new Need For Speed game later this year.

PlayStation Store offers big sale on games and DLC

May 20th - Sony has big discounts on PS4 game DLCs and Season Passes on the PlayStation Store right now.

The Witcher 3 developer thanks buyers of the physical copy in a special way

May 19th - Every physical copy of The Witcher 3 includes a special message from the developer.

Check out God of War 3 PS4 gameplay at 1080p and 60 fps

May 19th - New lengthy video shows God of War 3 Remastered in action.

Sony creates new studio for virtual reality games

May 19th - Sony opens brand new studio to make games for its upcoming Project Morpheus PS4 virtual reality headset.

Amazon discounts a bunch of PlayStation 4 accessories

May 18th - PlayStation 4 camera and other accessories get steep discounts at Amazon.