PS4 Daily: Remastered is here!

Jul 30th - Sometimes things must change. While we understand change may be hard, it's time that PS4 Daily went through its own change and here we are to tell you about it!

PSN Weekly: Rogue Legacy [VIDEO]

Jul 29th - This week on PSN Weekly, Jessey takes a walk through a dangerous castle in Rogue Legacy on the PS4.

Infamous First Light getting boxed version in Europe

Jul 29th - The Second Son standalone expansion will be getting a boxed retail release in Europe.

PS4 system software update 1.75 is live [UPDATE]

Jul 29th - The latest PS4 firmware update is now live, bringing 3D Blu-Ray support to the console.

SHARE Factory celebrates launch of The Last of Us: Remastered [UPDATE]

Jul 29th - An upcoming update to the SHARE Factory will introduce a Last of Us theme.

Find out what’s on the Moon in Destiny’s “The Dark Beyond” mission [VIDEO]

Jul 28th - PS4 Daily takes on The Dark Beyond and stumbles across a familiar face in the Destiny Beta.

Swedish retailer selling gay-themed PlayStation 4

Jul 28th - A custom PlayStation 4 console is auctioned off for charity in Sweden.

Canada is getting The Last Of Us Remastered PS4 bundle

Jul 28th - The bundle will be skipping the US and coming exclusively to Canada.

Rumor: Destiny to feature 22 story missions [UPDATE]

Jul 27th - A Reddit user has uncovered what appears to be every story mission and more in Destiny.

These are the cool Japanese PlayStation 4 versions that you can’t have

Jul 27th - Japan has gotten several exclusive limited edition PS4 consoles -- consoles that will not be coming to the rest of the world.