New PS4 console taken apart: has fewer memory chips

Jun 30th - The new CUH-1200 model has fewer memory chips with larger capacities.

The Last Guardian was moved to PS4 because it couldn’t run on the PS3

Jun 30th - The Last Guardian was having trouble running on the PS3, so Sony decided to move development to the PS4 in 2012.

PS4 has 70% to 90% market share in Europe, says Sony

Jun 30th - The PS4 is utterly dominating Europe.

NBA players buy PS4s at every away game and just leave it at the hotel

Jun 29th - NBA players love playing PS4 but hate travelling with them. So they buy new consoles and just leave it at the hotel.

Uncharted 4: what happened after the E3 gameplay video

Jun 29th - What happens right after the cliffhanger ending in the E3 gameplay demo? The guys from PlayStation Access reveal.

Batman Arkham Knight: PS4 vs Xbox One graphics comparison (video)

Jun 29th - The PS4 features better resolution and more stable frame rate than the Xbox One

PlayStation Plus turns 5 years old, Sony gives long time subscribers a gift

Jun 29th - Sony is giving long-time PS Plus members a free gift.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale has a bunch of PS4 fantasy games on sale

Jun 28th - Sony is at it again with its Flash Sale offerings, this time, the focus is on fantasy games.

Sony: The Last Guardian needs to sell better than Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus

Jun 27th - The Last Guardian has to be both artistically and financially successful for Sony.

The Order 1886 is just $20 at Amazon and Best Buy

Jun 27th - The Order 1886 is once again in the bargain bin.